Figure 1: Dopamine and chlorpromazine superimposed, showing how chlorpromazine can occupy dopamine receptor sites (adapted by author from Horn & Snyder (1971) in Davison & Neale (1998))
[Left: Clorpromazine]  [Centre:Dopamine]  [Right: Dopamine superimposed on chlorpromazine]

Figure 2: four principal dopamine pathways in the brain. [1] nigrostriatal [2] mesolimbic [3] mesocortical [4] tuberoinfundibular. Adapted from Stahl (1997)
Figure 3: One assumed causal chain - from neurology to neurosis (author)
Figure 4: A reversed causal chain - from neurosis to neurology (author)
Figure 5: Author's best-bet causal chain - complex feedback within a bounded system? (author)