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Biographical information: Here's a quick guide to what I do, what I've done, and what I'm planning to do. I may stick up a personal page and a detailed historical section at some point... do you really want to know??


I have worked professionally, and continue to work (at least occasionally) in the following (alphabetized!) areas:


Less professional

My 'amateur' interests - which fairly frequently spill over into the professional area - include, but are not restricted to:

I'm interested in many different areas, as you can see!


What I'm up to

I am currently preparing a write-up of research I carried out into the effects on attention of using a mobile telephone whilst driving.

As I have time, I am digitising a pile of 15 ips NAB stereo master tapes - mixed from 1" 8-track masters from my old recording studio - before the medium finally collapses. Not that I'm convinced CD/R (or DAT) is going to last any longer... anyway, some of the material (where I am sure I own the copyright) will be MP3'd or similar and put up online in due course.


How to reach me

You can contact me by email



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