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This page describes how the AhISee website is organised and how you can navigate it. This guide may be particularly useful if you are using a text, text-to-speech or similar browser.

You may also like to visit the FAQ page if you have any questions.

Help! How is the site arranged?

This site is arranged in a few broad but shallow levels. You may like to check the sitemap for an overview.

And a note to any non-sighted visitors - AhISee refers to insight - not eyesight! We've tried to make the site acceptably navigable for everyone, please let us know if we have not succeeded, together with any suggestions you may have as to how we can improve matters. Availability and accessibility have taken priority over fancy gizmos, animations and the rest -- where there was a conflict between the best appearance in a Graphical browser and the best functionality in a browser like Lynx, we've opted for the functionality. We hope the site still looks OK.

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