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All the different contact email addresses are gathered together here for your convenience - and for ours, to make them easier to manage.

For comments, questions, queries, complaints or suggestions about the web site, navigation, accessibility and so on contact our Webmaster.
For comments, questions, queries, complaints or suggestions about the material please use the appropriate contact below.

If at all possible, please send Plain Text email. We have an email firewall which filters out all HTML emails and puts them in a separate folder. They are downloaded (usually) weekly from the server and reviewed after checking sources  [NOTE 1] . So if you send HTML email, there may be a fairly lengthy delay in any response.

Philosophy of SciencePhilosophy@AhISee.com
Introductory materialIntroductory@AhISee.com
Marine Electronics, Yachting relatedMarine@AhISee.com
General articlesGeneral@AhISee.com

for Licensing InformationLicensing@AhISee.com

our WebmasterWebmaster@AhISee.com
Broken LinksBrokenlink@AhISee.com


 [Note 1] Why are we anti-HTML email? Viruses, bandwidth, and unwanted emails. HTML email can embed email viruses. HTML email means sending a minimum of two copies of the same information, which wastes everyone's time. Unsolicited email ('SPAM') (which is please note, illegal both in our residence location and our server location) is now almost invariably HTML format. So we quarantine it all, and check it when we have time.



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