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Acceptable Use

The general Copyright Reprint and Acceptable Use information here applies to the whole of this website.

For reprint permission and licenses please contact Licensing.
For comments, questions, queries, complaints or suggestions about the material please go to the contact page.

This website and everything available on it is (unless otherwise indicated) copyright in its entirety by James Roberts © 2001. All Rights Reserved.

Since I write for payment and for my living , I ask you please not to infringe my copyright. I grant you limited permission to use material that I have written and placed on my website or anywhere else you find this notice on my material only if you are prepared to conform with the following conditions:

Physical Reprints of this material (Paper Publishing)

Much of the material here is intended to be of help to you. You can access it on-line at any time you like, without restriction, and link to it as much as you wish. Some of the material is inevitably somewhat complex. For this reason, if you want to publish a physical, paper reprint for use in association with, for example, your coursework, or any practical application of the material here, you may do so without paying me a fee within the following restrictions:

'Web pages' means the HTML pages with any images included, and does not mean the number of pages of paper the web page is printed on.

This reprinting is permitted as long as you include the URI (URL) for the original website page. This is to ensure that any reader of the material knows where to go to find more of the same!

You may not print more web pages than is provided for above without my explicit permission and the payment of a licensing fee. Please do feel free to contact me for licensing information and permissions. If there is no element of infringement of my copyright involved, I'll probably give permission to individual users. If there's any prospect of making a profit involved, I'll want my cut!

This only applies to physical reprints on paper. If you want to provide my material on-line, please don't copy the material, but instead link to this website, to the page that interests you. I will attempt to maintain the page structure as it is. However you may prefer to link to the main site front page, just in case. If you want to reproduce my work on any other medium (for example, data storage such as CD-ROM, DVD, floppy disk) then please first contact me for licensing information.

Electronic and Online Reproduction

You may not copy any of the material here to any other website without paying me a license fee. If you want to refer to anything that is on this site, then simply make a hypertext link to it. You don't need to ask my explicit permission – use a link, that's fine; this is the web, and that is how it works. Please do feel free to link to the material and make use of it. If you do want to copy anything to your site then contact me for a license.

Translation Rights

If you want to translate any material of mine other than on a page-by-page basis using online services such as Babelfish (as provided already on the pages), then please contact me for licensing details.

Fair Use quotation

The Fair Use clauses in copyright legislation obviously apply here as everywhere. If you are writing an article or review which concerns anything on this site you are free to quote from any of my published material on this website or to use some screenshots within the restrictions of the Fair Use clauses. You don't need to ask my permission for this, though I'd be pleased if you'd let me know.

I'd also appreciate it if you provided a link in your material back to this site so that readers can see the original context of the material, though this obviously is up to you!

Images on this site

All of the images on this site were produced by, and are copyright © James Roberts with the following known exceptions and qualifications:

Psychology Page
The image here is an extension of a well-known drawing by E.G. Boring. I found it on the web some years ago and have lost the reference, so I can't credit it properly. If you know who drew it, please let me know and I will credit them! By the way - how many faces do you see? There are actually three...
Audio Page
I made this image many years ago, and modified it more recently. I suspect the keyboard image came from Microsoft Clipart for Office 3, but I may be wrong!
Marine Page
Again this is an ancient image updated, and I am fairly sure it started out as Microsoft Office 3 Clipart
Internet Page
The image here is a 'cartoon' of Bill Gates, found on the 'web in the distant misty past
Marine: Atomic Basics
The extraordinary background image was generated by, and is courtesy of, IBM research. I quote: 'Sometimes Nature is the best artist and all we need to do is catch it in the act. Here we see the result of imperfect sample preparation: two point defects adorning the copper (111) surface. The point defects (possibly impurity atoms) scatter the surface state electrons resulting in circular standing wave patterns: STM rounds up electron waves at the QM corral. Physics Today 46 (11), 17-19 (1993).' The yacht, which has a Carbospars unstayed (and very neat) rig, was added by me :) The 'IBM' image: 'The logo of IBM drawn on an atom with a scanning tunnelling microscope: from D.M. Eigler, E.K. Schweizer. Positioning single atoms with a scanning tunneling microscope.' Nature 344, 524-526 (1990)'
Translate Page
The image is based on a photograph from the Musee de l'Homme, Paris, due (I believe) originally to J.L. Dubin.
Other images from technical sources
These are generally redrawn or modified from the original source, which I have credited where I know it

Generally, all modification, adaptation and alteration of these images is itself © James Roberts. If any reader should notice visual (or any other!) material that I have failed to credit properly, or have credited inaccurately, please be advised that this is inadvertent and let me know - corrections will be made as soon as is feasible.

Note: this Copyright Reprint and Acceptable Use Information is loosely based on ideas gleaned from the similar section of Jakob Nielsen's UseIT.com website, used with permission. My original version was an impenetrable legalistic horror. I recommend you visit there if you are interested in the usability and intelligibility of your documents; this recommendation does not however mean I agree with everything he says! Anything I've done here is, of course, nothing to do with him so neither his fault nor his responsibility!



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