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About this web site

This page has information on how and why the AhISee! website was designed and put together. You might also want to look at the FAQ page and the Help page if you have questions...

It used to be traditional in journalism to tell would-be reporters to stick to the five 'W's in their reporting: What, Where, When, Why, and Who - though not necessarily in that order! It's still a very good way to get down to the facts quickly, but we'll extend it by adding How the site was built. So here's the five 'W's (and an 'H') of this site, and to add something that a newspaper or television couldn't do, maybe just a little bit of information about you.


AhISee.com is a web site presenting various sorts of information and resources for different groups of people. To see what's available, look at the pull-down menu. Alternatively, and especially if you don't have JavaScript enabled, use the alternate navigation or the site map to get an overview of what's here.


This website was originally written and compiled in Europe - specifically the island of Menorca, which is in the group of islands called the Balearics, which are part of Spain; they're in the Mediterranean Sea. Would you like to see a map to show where Europe   Open in popup window and the Balearics   Open in popup window are? If you understand Spanish or Catalan, you may like to look at the Menorca website. AhISee.com is hosted by Dollarhost in Canada. Do you want to see another map?   Open in popup window


The site was first put up in October 2000. The material here was originally written anytime from about 1985 onwards, right up to... well, today! Any of the older material has been revised before posting. The site will get updated every time there's something new finished.


The site has several purposes.


At the moment, this site is put together by one person, James Roberts. If you really want to know more, then check out my Bio. There'll be some guest articles when I figure out how to successfully threaten various individuals enough to get them to get writing!

And you...

The Internet, unlike traditional media -- newspapers and other print media, radio, television -- is not a one-way street. Not only do you get to receive information from the internet, but more often than you may think, you provide it.

We have no intention of poking around inside your computer, but you may be surprised just how much the server computer (that's got these web pages stored on it) can get to find out about your computer, in any normal web transaction. To find out more, follow this link   Open in popup window (don't worry, it's safe!)

How it was built

The site was built with a selection of tools, many of these being free (GPL) or free-of-cost software. At the moment we're principally using (in alphabetic order):

...as well as Paint Shop Pro, Textbridge, MS Image Composer, U-Lead Photo-Impact, Word, Excel, Windows 2000, Windows NT4, Windows 98, Linux RedHat 6.1 and the rest! Thanks to all the authors of this mostly-excellent software. Nothing in this world is, of course, perfect...

If you want details, the site is set up as a set of templates using PPWizard. These build all the repeating elements of the site, while allowing for flexibility and reducing the number of errors. This gives much the same sort of result as using SSI, but without the server overhead and dependency.

Input sources include text files from CP/M, DOS, Windows, Atari and scanned material. This is marked up and built into basic HTML pages with tables of contents by HTMLPP in "guru" mode. For more details on the site-building tools we use, click on the buttons below or go to the Links page. For details on techniques, look for articles in the Internet introductions section.

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