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Audio Electronics
Sound Design

In this section there is material on the technical problems of getting good sound in small spaces, and there will be some material on constructing some useful audio equipment when it is ready to put up...

Later on, there'll be links to some unusual and interesting music (well, I think so! But then I was involved with making it).

I've spent a lot of time listening to, playing, writing, and making music, building studios and designing equipment - with the occasional tour as a 'boffin'. I certainly didn't get rich out of it though! This section deals with anything that's sound-oriented but not psychological (there will be more on the psychology of Hi-Fi at some point...).


Introduction to Recording Studio Design: Part 1

Summary: This series introduces the basic ideas around the design of a Recording Studio and also applies to anywhere that sound is going to be made or recorded.. It was first published in the magazine Electronics Today International in 1990, and it has been brought up to date.

The End is Nigh?

Summary: Historical Piece I wrote for a magazine in 1990. They didn't publish it. Pity, because my predictions were pretty close to what's actually happened (but then I wouldn't put it up if I'd got it wrong, would I?  :).



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