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networking and
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Here's a series of Introductions to networking and the Internet -- written for any reasonably bright person who knows nothing about computing and needs to get the ideas quickly. The material presented is, for this reason, simplified - but not (I hope!) to the point where the ideas you will pick up are incorrect. They are sometimes incomplete: you can fill in later, if necessary, from other sources. They started out as briefing and instructional materials for colleagues.

Many people are developing a (belated) interest in networking, networks and the Internet, (could it be that they get the idea there's some money in it, somewhere, somehow? ;) and so I've had to develop tutorial and briefing material for them. In many cases they are people who don't really know what a computer is used for, let alone anything else. The material here often started out as instructional material for such individuals, so that they could quickly see how simple it all is. Well, sometimes...


A Very Basic Introduction to Networking and the Internet

Summary: Never used a computer before? Don't know what a 'network' is? Never used the Internet, but ended up here somehow? Don't be shy, this article is for you. It answers questions like, Where did it come from? What it's all for? What's the use of it?

How to Create your first Web page

Summary: this series walks you through the various stages involved in making your first web page, step by step. Moreover, I'll tell you how to do it at zero - or very low - initial cost. It is in three parts:

Part 1:
This first part starts right at the beginning - what is HTML? Where did it come from?
Part 2:
we get down to the practicalities - we make a web page. We also get some tools to do the job.
Part 3:
this introduces Style Sheets - what they are, what they are for, and why you should use them. Then we show you how to put a page up on the Internet for others to see, and change it when it becomes necessary.


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