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In this section you will find introductory articles on very basic boat electrics, a book-on-line with a quick but comprehensive guide to the theory of electricity and electronics for practical boating (and other!) purposes. Coming soon, some practical guides and advice on the same topics, and perhaps some other boat-related bits - like a yacht design or two (that I can't afford to build:)...

I enjoy messing about in boats. Well, sometimes. Somewhat less than half the time I'm terrified. I say somewhat less, it's usually a lot less - say 20% of the time, and that tends to depend on how hard the wind is blowing and where I am sailing! It also depends a lot on the boat. One of the most alarming boats I sailed on was a Whitbread maxi, and one of the most reassuring an elderly (but by no means old) Fastnet racer from the 1960's. She was one of the most secure-feeling boats in a blow I've ever known. I'm boatless at the moment, but I hope this will change...


Electricity and Electronics for Boats: How it Works
This book is about the theory and simple practice of electricity and electronics on boats. Not ships - though the theory is of course the same, as it is for anywhere electricity is used - but smaller vessels.

Who is the book intended for? Some possibilities:
  • Anyone who wants to understand their own boat

  • Anyone who wants to know how electronics, or their battery charger, or their alternator works

  • Anyone far away from conventional textbooks who wants to teach themselves (or their children) some basic science

  • Anyone who wants to cease being a victim of gadget salesmen!



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