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The Philosophy
of Science

In this section you will currently find just one essay on the philosophy of science. More material is in preparation, though...

Many people (certainly in some of the sciences) seem to consider philosophy as a boring topic. I can't understand that myself. 'Philosophy' is from the old Greek, 'filos' love of 'sofia' wisdom. The study of philosophy actually underlays all claims to definite knowledge of any sort. In fact it may be more accurate to say that it undermines most claims to definite knowledge! As with psychology it's often necessary to take a very qualified stance. Writing essays in philosophy is also very hard work. At the moment there is one completed essay here: I'm working on more material which will be posted when I'm happy with it.


Does the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen argument show that quantum theory is incomplete?

Summary: No, it doesn't. In examing why it doesn't, we see that although ostensibly this is a question about physics, and the ideas that physicists hold, the basis of the question is actually metaphysical; the argument revolves around different ideas and versions of what reality is



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